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Certified Organic and 100% Grass Fed Beef


Notice:  We are now out of the beef business but are keeping up this website for sentimental reasons.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to our customers over the years, it was a pleasure to serve you.

At Green Ledge Farm (in beautiful Francestown, NH) we are committed to providing 100% grass FED / 100% grass FINISHED beef.  We are Certified Organic by the New Hampshire Dept. of Agriculture for both our Livestock and our Hay and Pasture Fields.  Our cows eat only certified organic grass and certified organic grass hay during their entire lifetime.

Grass fed and finished cows are happier and healthier than animals fed grain in crowded feedlots.  They have much higher levels of beneficial Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and omega-3 fatty acids thought to fight cancer, enhance the immune system, and prevent both diabetes and heart disease.  To learn more about the health benefits of grass fed beef, visit

 Grass fed beef is leaner than feedlot beef and some cuts benefit from cooking with moist heat or marinades.  See our Recipes page for some of our favorite meal ideas.

  We’ve added a photo gallery to show you some of the sights we enjoy here at the farm.

Enjoy this short video showing life on our farm as viewed by our daughter, Rebecca!




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