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The Savage Family purchased Green Ledge Farm in 2002, beginning our thoroughly rewarding adventure in farming.  We started raising cattle in 2005.  From day one, we’ve been an organic and 100% grass fed operation.  Our children, Matt and Rebecca, are home schooled here in Francestown and they help out tremendously with the farm.  Rebecca is working towards a career in agriculture.

We were organic consumers long before we were organic farmers.  Our family battled food allergies and the effects of childhood autism.  Confronted with the seemingly impossible task of feeding our children food free from antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and other contaminants, we became label-scrutinizers and food researchers.  We found there was little truly healthy food available.  While adapting our children’s diets to accommodate their health issues, we realized our OWN health was directly related to the food we ate.  In addition, as we aged, we both noticed increased sensitivity to processed foods.  Our entire family now follows a diet of primarily whole foods that are organically raised.  We believe our health is directly related to the foods we eat.  We eat what we grow or raise ourselves.  This is why we are committed to organic and sustainable farming practices.

In 2006 we had the opportunity to purchase 50 acres of adjoining property up the hill from our original farm.  This land was a special upland agricultural resource that was threatened by development.  Almost simultaneously, we realized the need to grow our own hay.  Organic hay is in seriously short supply in New England.  How could we be guaranteed enough hay to feed our animals each winter unless we grew it ourselves?  Fortunately, the 50-acre parcel for sale next door was a less-rocky soil type well suited to growing hay and other crops (unlike the typical rocky land characterizing the Monadnock area).  We purchased the land and restored the 70-year-old forest to its original state… beautiful handpicked hay fields separated by hand-built stone walls.  Now our farm produces enough hay to maintain our own cattle herd.  And we have the joy of knowing we protected a valuable agricultural resource from development.  Our hilltop land (our “Green Ledge”) has a sweeping westward view of the Monadnock mountain region.  Our cows and ALL the abundant wildlife up there graciously share the view.



We have more photos of the hilltop and the rest of the farm in our photo gallery.



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