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Photo Gallery

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Angel on Post

One of our barn cats, Angel, sits on a post surveying the barn yard

Apple Blossoms

Barn and south pasture

This is the view we had after the ice storm of Dec. 2008

Bee on Sunflower

Brushing Voldy the Pig

Calves grazing

Cardinal in Lilacs - Feb. 2009

Cattle Drive

Our yearling herd heads up to the summer pasture on the hill

Chickens guarded by Tabby

Hybrid Volunteer Sunflower

Conan and Elizabeth fall grazing

Conan Grazing

Conan Scratching on Rock

Mom and calf grazing

Cow forms winter cow path

Fall grazing

Crocuses April 2008

Doe in yard March 2008

Eggs from our hens, Feb 2009

Dusk with Moon

Cows eatings maple leaves

Elijah hiding in grass

Elijah running

Elizabeth fall grazing

Faith and baby Elijah - April 2008

Faith and Elijah sleeping after birth

Fields seen from Crotched Mt. (Ours are the ones at the top.)

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Lavallee

Five eggs in basket

Cats with glowing eyes on Rebecca

Winter gourds

Garden harvest 2004

Mowing in Hilltop hay fields - Fall 2008

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Lavallee

Mowing in Hilltop hay fields - Fall 2008

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Lavallee


Jumbo egg with double yolk

Kitten pile

Kitten pile

Kittens break out

Kitty fight

Larry and Rebecca with 2004 harvest

Larry overlooking sunset with fog

Lupine at front wall

Mitch sleeping in bed of rhododendron petals

Moms and calves napping

Green pepper - hybrid New Ace

Cats napping on Rebecca

Rebecca and sunflower plant

Rebecca holding Snowball

Rebecca running on hilltop

Mt. Monadnock is in the background

April on rocky ledge

After creating our hay fields in 2006 we also opened up pasture on the hill

Siberia crouching

Siberia hunting

Siberia on metal pipe

South pasture in ice - Dec. 2008

Kitties spooning

Calf Squiggy checking out Rebecca on day of birth

Squiggy running six weeks after birth

April on ledge

Sunflower and bee

Sunset over Mt. Monadnock

Sunset over western hill

Sunset 2005

Sunset 2006

TS Noel over Mt. Monadnock

Tropical storm Noel approaches from the southeast.

Sunset in mid summer north of Crotched Mt.

Tabby lounging in sun

Kittens escaping box

Three deer at wood's edge

Our Bull Toffee

Toffee was 2005 Senior Bull Calf Champion at the North American International Livestock Expo

Tomatoes in basket

Turkeys abound

Two deer at wood's edge

Pigs heading outside

Steer on winter path

Winter south pasture

Winter sunset over pasture

Valenteen with new calf, Jeremiah

Merry and Pippin sleeping

Cows grazing, calves running



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