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New Hampshire Dept. of Agriculture - The NHDAMF is our certifying agency. - An excellent resource for shoppers looking for grass fed meat products and general information on pasture based farming.

Belted Galloway Society - The BGS manages the registration of Belted Galloway cattle and provides information to breeders and farmers.

Stockman Grass Farmer - The Stockman Grass Farmer is a monthly magazine that covers the latest trends in grass based farming.

Country Folks - Country Folks is a Northeast based weekly periodical that covers farming, livestock and dairy news.    

New Hampshire Market Bulletin - A weekly publication of the NH Dept. of Agriculture that covers local ag. issues and has a classified ad listing for farm equipment and livestock.

Joel Salatin and Polyface Farm - Joel Salatin manages Polyface Farm and is a pioneer in grass based farming.

Northeast Organic Farming Association - The NH division of the Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA - NH) is a resource for organic farmers and for shoppers to find local and organic foods.



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