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 Grass Fed Beef Recipes

 Cooking Tips

Grass fed beef is leaner and care must be taken to not overcook.  We recommend that grass fed beef not be cooked beyond medium doneness unless wet cooking methods are used.  Try our pot roast or braising recipes for some fantastic well done meat ideas.


For preparing grass fed steaks our favorite method is using an oven safe skillet in your broiler.  Cast iron works especially well.  Prepare your steaks by thawing them in a refrigerator or microwave beforehand and getting them to near room temperature.  You may season them if you wish.  We like to rub them with a little olive oil, salt, pepper and rosemary. 

Preheat your broiler to the high setting.  Heat the empty skillet on the burner until the surface is moderately hot.  If desired, you can add a small amount of fat like butter or olive oil and wait until it just starts to smoke.  Immediately add the steaks and brown them for two minutes on each side.  The idea is to seal the outside of the steak to keep in the juices.  There should be a good sizzling sound when the meat hits the pan.

After browning, place the skillet and steaks directly under the preheated broiler.  Broil for two minutes each side for rare and four minutes each side for medium with our 1 inch steaks.  Thicker steaks will need a little more broiler time.  Serve immediately.

Steaks may also be grilled, pan fried or cooked on a stovetop grill like the George Foreman grill.  Grilling works well with our premium steaks like the tenderloin, T-bone, Porterhouse and sirloin.  Chuck and round steaks will grill better if marinated first, especially with our teriyaki recipe.  As with other methods we do not recommend grilling beyond medium doneness.


Roasts should be well thawed before cooking for best results.  Thawing in a refrigerator for one day per three pounds of meat is the best way.  You may also use your microwave if it has a defrost cycle.  Follow the microwave oven's instructions for thawing roasts.  Cook immediately after thawing in an oven preheated to 350F.

We highly recommend using a meat thermometer with grass fed beef roasts.  We recommend that center temperature not exceed 155F (medium) for best flavor with grass fed beef.  Grass fed roasts can otherwise be prepared as you would any other roast with seasoning to your taste.  Leaner cuts like eye round and chuck are best cut thin with a sharp carving knife across the grain of the meat.


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