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Teriyaki Beef

Teriyaki is our favorite marinade for beef.  It tenderizes and add favor to the economical cuts of beef so they can be grilled.

2 lbs of chuck, round or sirloin steak


1 cup of soy sauce

1 cup of pineapple juice

cup of peanut oil or other oil

4 tbl of brown sugar

4 cloves garlic, peeled and chopped

1 inch piece of garlic root, peeled and chopped

or tsp of powdered dried ginger

Serves 6

Thaw your steaks in the refrigerator or microwave.  Your beef steaks may be marinated whole or cut into strips across the grain.  You should always marinate in the refrigerator.  Strips will marinate faster overnight or 24 hours.  Whole steaks should marinate for 2-3 days minimum up to 2 weeks maximum in the refrigerator.

Add the soy sauce, pineapple juice, sugar, garlic and ginger to a bowl.  Stir to mix the ingredients and add the beef to the bowl to marinate.  Place in the refrigerator with a cover.  Stirring or turning the beef from time to time will speed up marinating.

After marinating, remove the beef from the marinade.  Try to scrape off any attached garlic or ginger as these can become bitter if grilled with the beef.  You may grill on a gas or electric grill or George Foreman grill without added oil.  More traditionally, you may pan fry in peanut oil or other oil.  Serve hot.


1)      The tenderizing occurs in marinating due to the acidity of the pineapple juice.  Alternatively, you can use white wine or sherry.  DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO OMIT THE SUGAR!  The sugar balances the salt in the soy sauce and it will be too salty if omitted.  You may substitute sugar for evaporated cane juice or Sucanat as these work quite well.  Maple syrup is a fantastic substitute!  Use cup of maple syrup instead of sugar in the above recipe.


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